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Question for the Group

Contributed by Buck Walker:

Dunc Branom and Harvie "Slug" Walker helped, coached and I think got the original LC legion teams in the valley. I would like to find out more details as Slug was my grandpa.

I remember as a young kid, Slug threw out the first pitch either at a legion world series or a regional that was held in Lewiston. I do know that Dunc, Slug, and Dwight were all longtime friends and that Dwight spoke at Slugs funeral.

I guess I am asking if any of you guys know the story of how legion baseball came to the valley and thought that it might be something interesting for the website archives. I would research it for you if you could steer me in the right direction.

Going to watch the legion games this weekend was great and seeing all the people come out for a great cause was really cool. I would like to get involved with legion baseball again as it was so good to me and all the kids that have played in the past and present.

Please respond if you can help with this question, either by commenting below or by emailing Buck at Thank you.

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